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EcoWool raw wool material

EcoWool® is a promise.

EcoWool is more than just a fiber. It’s our promise to deliver the highest performing, ethically-sourced wool found nowhere else in the world.

As sustainability becomes a primary concern for the textile industry, wool is certainly having a moment. EcoWool is ready to innovate and experiment in service to a more eco-friendly future. Opportunities abound in many sectors including automotive, building materials, food packaging, and more.

Why EcoWool?


Wool is all-natural, renewable, biodegradable, compostable—it may be the world’s most sustainable fiber! EcoWool is plastic free and will gracefully return to the soil from which it came, easing the burden on landfills and our planet.

Chemical Free

From the grass the sheep graze on to the scouring process through manufacturing to the end product, no chemicals are ever used. We ensure it with third-party testing so we can all rest easy. Never any bleaching, carbonizing, crimping, or flame resistant chemicals.

High Performance

We begin by sourcing specific breeds of sheep for optimal fiber characteristics. Then our carding process produces the loftiest, cleanest wool batting you’ve ever seen. Soft and durable, with incredibly low vegetable matter.

Made in the USA

EcoWool comes from ethically-raised sheep, and every step of the process happens right here in the USA. After decades of steep decline in the US wool and manufacturing markets, EcoWool is part of helping to support cottage industries and maintain demand.

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